Togo dog with scarf and blue collar

LES CHIENS TOGO Contribution

About the initiative of Bond Towards Dogs Togo

Bond Pet inc. is thrilled to be able to raise funds for Les chiens Togo. Through this initiative, Bond Pet inc. wants to demonstrate that it is possible to take concrete actions to help animals.

The goal of Les chiens Togo is to turn abandoned dogs into psychological assistance dogs. The charity's team includes psychosocial workers and canine educators who work hand-in-hand to create the perfect match between an exceptional refuge dog from and a person in need.

Psychological assistance dogs are trained to the specific needs of people, children or adults, living with post-traumatic stress disorder, generalized anxiety disorder or autism. Dogs from Togo are selected from 30 partner shelters and benefit from positive reinforcement training according to current scientifically proven methods.

Bond Pet inc. is committed to donating 3 % of the revenue from the sale of its high performance elastomer blueberry blue collars and leashes to Les chiens Togo

To find out more about the services offered by Les chiens Togo, please visit their website at