Nuvuq works with AGDIA for the assembly of its products

Proudly Assembled in Canada

Our collaboration with AGDIA
Bond Pet inc. works with AGDIA (Granby Association for Intellectual Disability and Autism) for the assembly of its products. By employing people with an intellectual disability and / or a disorder in the autism spectrum, Bond Pet inc. is socially involved in its community and is able to offer its customers quality products assembled in Canada.
At Bond Pet inc., we believe the work these people do is exemplary. Their determination allows us to achieve a high level of quality well above current market standards.
Bond Pet inc. is proud to work in collaboration with AGDIA to help these people develop their skills and abilities in the workplace.
The PASTEL program is a training and workshop program to develop autonomy, social skills, work techniques, follow a fitness training and have access to leisure activities. Specialized educators lead training courses aimed at developing autonomy, social skills and the winning skills required in the workplace.
They also run workshops designed to teach work skills that will help participants get organized, work cleanly and methodically, safely in their workplace, and contribute to teamwork by recognizing each other’s role.
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